2007. gada 6. decembris

My sonnet No 1

When I do seize the vastness of the sky
I know there are no wings enough for all
Look how free and charming is a butterfly
Thou’ doomed it is for leafless fall;
As softly sounds it as a mother’s voice
And sees a dream of summer heat
If ever one of us once had a choice
It would go then to me for choosing you my sweet
Oh wind you broke the window of my hope
Please save the wings of the so helpless butterfly
Believe me sun high on a slope
To feel the endless love I’ll try
From autumn to the springtime dream will last
I put a dot today, and leave it in my past.
P.S. Thanks Nas for the picture and Bryan for helping me

4 komentāri:

Anastasija teica...

Pisennik Shakespeare - Ontona P. vecmeita!!!



That's my Sigrid!!!

Pl_InGa teica...

Ontona vecmeita??? :O briesmas! varbūt tomēr mazmeita :D!???

21.gs. Šekspīrs "D

Paldies :*

Anastasija teica...

oooops, nu Tu tachu saprati manu domu, vecMAZmeita =)

Pl_InGa teica...

o, jauns vārds latviešu valodā ;)

liekam vārdnīcā! ;)