2011. gada 22. janvāris

"a single man" movie

He hated mornings. His telephone rang. He couldn't see his future. It was raining. He was a professor. The clock was ticking. He bought bullets. He saw a breathtaking sunset. He smoked. He wanted to commit a suicide. He met Mr. Potter. They went swimming. He changed his mind. The world seemed so fresh to him... But suddenly he just died. He was a single man.


2 komentāri:

Aina teica...

Perfect construction of sentences. Exactly like a taking breath before death for George.

Pl_InGa teica...

Hmm, abas lomas aktierim saistītas ar vārdu George. Te George Falconer... Un otrajā karalis George... Interesanta sakritība, vai ne?